Brain-Forge is the trading name of Jonathan Brain the owner of this site.

Jonathan's interests in technology go back to playing with old GPO telephone relays as a child (before BT when the PO brought more to your home than just the post). He then took to programming in Basic easier than a duck takes to water, spent some time programming in assembler (before the days of bloatware - it had to fit in a 1k Eprom and was too slow if it took more than a couple of milliseconds with a 1MHz system clock) and then he discovered C (a lazy man's way of writing assembler).

C opened up the world of Unix which in turn opened up the world of Oracle and then Java all of which Jonathan found he had a natural flair for.

Jonathan's interests lay in application and database design / development. He experienced the heady days of dumb terminal based applications (remember the VT100?), fat-client PC based applications and now thin-client web based applications (isn't a PC with web browser just a beafed up vt100?).

An interest in website developments and frameworks / content management systems such as Joomla then followed. His C / Unix / Object orientated background fitting in well with the world of PHP while his experience of Oracle / relational databases fits in well with MySql.

Web based development has included Oracle Application Express applications and Joomla together with the use of JQuery and Ajax techniques.