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This module allows you to create a form using the Joomla Custom HTML module.
Form labels and elements can be included using tags within curly brackets.
Completed forms are emailed to the specified recipient and, optionally, to the site visitor.

Another option enables you to save the form data into your own database table.
For statistics gathering or data processing elsewhere this maybe more useful than an email.

Help / Example

Response Message
{fm 0,response}Your thank you text goes here...{/fm}
Text field
{fm 1,label, your field label} {fm 1,text,50}
{fm 2,label,required your field label} {fm 2,text,50,,required}
Email field
{fm 3,label, your field label} {fm 3,email,50,,required}
Textarea field
{fm 4,label, your field label} {fm 4,textarea,5,60}
{fm 5,label,required your field label} {fm 5,textarea,5,60,required}
Select list
{fm 6,label, your field label} {fm 6,select,,,can be blank,1,option1,2,option2}
{fm 7,label,required your field label} {fm 7,select,required,,not allowed,1,allowed}
{fm 8,label, your field label} {fm 8,checkbox}
Checkbox (default checked)
{fm 9,label, your field label} {fm 9,checkbox,1}
{fm 0,fillin}
Captcha field
{fm 41,captcha}
Submit button
{fm 42,submit Send Message}