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This component is derived from com_content distributed with Joomla 3.7.

It adds a form input field of  type 'file' so it can be used as a file download manager.
In addition the article text field can be disabled (which is the default setting).

The Brainforge.UK Fields File plugin provides an alternative method of achieving similar functionality using Joomla Custom Fields with content articles (or other components).

The following component parameters are available (can be overridden at category level):

Download Class
The class which wraps around the download button.
File Extensions
List of allowed file extensions.
Leave blank for unrestricted.
Common examples:
  • zip gz rar
  • pdf
URL Target Window
Defines how the URL linked to the file will be handled.
When set to Automatic the component will make its own decision based upon the file suffix. This is often sufficient, examples of other useages include:
  • For zip, rar files - Download
  • For pdf files - New Window (or Parent)