Related Product Categories Listing plg_hikashop_bfrelatedcategories

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plg hikashop bfrelatedcategories-adminplg hikashop bfrelatedcategories-fieldsplg hikashop bfrelatedcategories

Displays a tabular list of related category links following a category product list.
For each related category its image (if any) and name are displayed.
If available the category canonical link URL will be used, otherwise the URL will be generated.
Requires Hikashop Commercial.

The following Hikashop category custom fields need to be configured:

A comma separated list of the category_id for the related categories.
Using the Related Product Categories custom field type (included with this plugin) you can select the related categories from a list. This is more convenient than entering comma separated IDs into a text field.
category_altrelated_image (optional)
The URL of an alternative category image to display (e.g. images/mine/myimage.jpg).
Applies to the parent category of the relationship - not those in the related category list.