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Fulfill Order with New Stock plg_hikashop_bfcanfulfillorder

£ 20.00 each

This plugin allows a customer to order more items than those currently in stock.
Requires a numeric Hikashop custom field on the product table with column name : product_bfcanfulfillorder_qty.
Each product assigned one of the following values:
  • -1 : Unlimited overordering.
  •  0 : Default Hikashop quantity handling.
  •  1 : One item can be overordered.
  •  2 : Two items can be overordered.
  • ... etc ...
  • 10 : Ten items can be overordered.
  • ... etc ...
Optionally you can also include a Hikashop custom field on the product table with column name : product_bfcanfulfillorder_msg.
You can use this to display the delivery time when there is insufficient stock at time of ordering. This message is translatable.

Version History Summary:

1.1.0 - March 2022
New feature. See page 5 of PDF download.
1.2.10 - January 2024
Supports Joomla 4.4.1 and Joomla 5.
2.0.0 - January 2024
Joomla 6 Preparation.
Downloads en-GB.plg_hikashop_bfcanfulfillorder.pdf
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