Hikashop Delivery Date / Slot Plug-ins
Order Delivery Slot

£ 20.00 each

This plug-in allows a customer to select an order delivery slot from slots configured by the shop owner. Often used in conjunction with our Order Delivery Date plug-in./p>

From the plug-in the following site wide parameters can be configured.

  • Order cut-off times for selecting a slot.
  • Days of week when delivery slots are offered.
  • Any additional dates (such as special occassions) when delivery slots are available, although they are not normally offered on that particular weekday. For instance a flower shop may not offer Sunday delivery slots but they do on Mothers Day.
  • Dates when delivery slots are not available (e.g. Christmas day) regardless of the day of week.
  • The maximum number of deliveries available for a slot.

Example configurations include:

  • Morning, afternoon, evening slots.
  • Hourly slots between 09:00 and 17:00.
  • 5 minutes slots between 19:00 and 22:00.

A simple example of this can be seen in this demo https://hikashop.brainforge.co.uk.

Note: Requires .


Version History Summary:

5.4.0 - August 2020
Improved field display for Hikashop Order Export spreadsheet.
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