EmailOctopus Subscription Management plg_hikashop_bfemailoctopus

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Integrates EmailOctopus subscription management with Hikashop.
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You can configure several subscription lists and a Hikashop customer can subscribe to one or more of them. Hikashop custom fields on the Hikashop user table are used to store the customer selection(s). Supported field values are Y, N, true, false and a bitwise AND feature.

Requires 'Hikashop Essential' or 'Hikashop Business'.
Not compatible with 'Hikashop Starter'.

It is assumed Hikashop is the master of user subscription information.
The EmailOctopus list contact status of UNSUBSCRIBED is not used.

If the subscription for a customer is removed in Hikashop then that contact is removed from the associated EmailOctopus list. If the subscription is added in Hikashop then a SUBSCRIBED or PENDING contact is created in that EmailOctopus list (depending on the list Double opt-in setting).

Customers deleted in Hikashop are removed from all EmailOctopus lists configured in this plugin.

The export feature allows you to export all the SUBSCRIBED and UNSUBSCRIBED customers for the selected list which can then be imported into EmailOctopus. This will be a full list of all your customers and their billing addresses, so could be quite big!