HikaShop Product Search Module mod_bfsearch

£ 20.00 each

This module will display a product code search box with an automatic results pop-up feature.

This module is useful for customers and shop staff who know the product code (or at least first part of it) and require a quick product lookup using that code.

The popup appears as they start entering the product code, the number of items displayed reducing as they enter more characters. From the popup they can immediately order a product or go to the product information page.

By default this module searches all product categories. You can also have category specific instances of the module on different product category listing pages, or even several instances of the module on the same page.

Version History Summary:

1.2.0 - January 2022
Corrected handling of unpublished categories.
1.3.0 - January 2022
Added product quantity in stock display.