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£ 20.00 each

This plug-in extends the manual shipping plug-in distributed with Hikashop.

Additional features include:

  • UK, Netherlands and Canadian postcode formats supported.
    3 to 10 length numeric postcode / zip formats supported.
    Default ZIP functionality still available - and enhanced.
  • Support for same day delivery - e.g. orders received before 10am (see note 2).
  • Support for next day delivery - e.g. orders received before 5pm (see note 2).
  • Support for product delivery / installation options (using product custom fields, see note 1).
  • Support for order delivery date plug-ins, available separately (see note 1).
  • Support for free and quotable shipping prices (using product custom fields, see note 1).
  • Read-only (display message, non-selectable) shipping 'method'.
  • Can be linked to particular payment methods.
  • Administrator shipping methods listing can additionally be filtered by:
    Postcode (using same formula applied at checkout - useful for checking postcode criteria).
    Warehouse (optional - enable in plugin options).
  • Ability to restrict a shipping method by category item quantity limit.

The required features can be selected in the Joomla plug-in manager. This reduces what can be a bewildering array of options in the Hikashop Shipping Methods editing screen to just those which are going to be used.

  • Note 1: Requires 'Hikashop Business'.
  • Note 2: Works with 'Hikashop Starter'.

Version History Summary:

5.1.0 - July 2020
Added category item limit feature.
5.2.0 - September 2020
Enhanced product category handling for product variants.