Sales and Order Reports for Hikashop en-GB.com_hikashopbfreports

£ 20.00 each

This component provides a selection of sales / orders reports for Hikashop.

  • Summary Reports
    Yearly, monthly, weekly and daily reports of total sales information are available which can be automatically emailed to a recipient using wget with scheduled tasks (Linux cron).

    The email consists of a summary report and, optionally, a CSV attachment. The CSV data can then be imported into a spreadsheet and processed as required.

  • Detail Reports
    These reports, over user selectable date ranges, provide a list of all orders including product and customer informartion.

These reports are in addition to, and operate separately from, the reports feature in Hikashop.

Version History Summary:

1.1.3 - March 2022
Improved documentation for using wget and cron.
Returned HTTP code is now more useful.